My family serves at the Dream Center. It's the campus of Healing Place Church located in the inner city.

I call it Funky Town because we are soulful, jazzy and funky in the truest form.

It's a rough area but we love it. Honestly, my entire family loves serving here. We have served at the Dream center since 2006.

But sometimes, it gets hard. Serving here in 2010 was both extremely difficult and wonderful.

We have a lot of people who come to serve who can't hang with it. I don't fault them, not everyone is called here. But maybe some of them leave when it gets "difficult" when "wonderful" was right around the corner? Maybe God test our faithfulness with the "difficult"?

One time a boss told me "Carole, where ever you go, you will be there and there will always be Angie's (a girl I worked with that I wanted to beat the crap out of daily) you need to learn how to work with difficult people. Maybe these difficult people are put in your life to teach you something."

That was the day I realized that most of the problems I have with other people, are really my problems. My issues, not theirs.

It's much easier to leave and blame others then to take a hard look at myself.

Like Steve Furtick says, sometimes it's not "sexy" to stay and be faithful but sometimes that is exactly what we are called to do. I'm not faulting or judging anyone that has ever left, or will leave, This video ministered to ME, spoke to ME, if it speaks to you too, that's cool.

I'm not Francis Chan.


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