Day 2 on the set of the movie Contraband staring Mark Wahlberg

(Read about Day 1 on the set of the movie Contraband, HERE )

I had to get up at four stinkin' thirty! Get the kids up at 5am, take Steele to Hopes so he could get to school and I had to get E and Abel to the movie set by Algeries, which is a suburb of New Orleans, across the river. Traffic wasn't near as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We went right to the set when we got there. Mark was there and so was Giovanni Rabisi. All day was spent filming a scene with them two.The kids were also in a scene with Ben Foster (he was in 30 Days of Night, 310 to Yuma, and The Mechanic)

The scenes were set in the projects. And we were definitely IN the projects. Us Turner's all felt right at home ;-)
Abel and E were background in most of the shots.

I stood around and ate..all day long..really.

It rained, but not bad.

Giovanni Robisi and Mark (notice we are on a first name basis now ;-) were near us all day, chatting with the extra's that they had recruited from the hood and sitting in the Escalade that transported them around, which was parked about three feet from where I was standing most of the day.

Of course Mark and all the film crew recognized me immediately (ha! not really. Mark said "Hey" as he walked by me but they looked at me with that "do I know her?" look and greeted me in that way you do people you think you might know but your not sure how. They may have actually remembered me, I don't know)

Mark said to Abel, "how's it going?" and Abel said "hey" and waved at him as he drove by on the bike. (he was headed back to his start point, to film the scene again, where Abel rides his bike by as Mark is pulling into a parking spot)

Abel couldn't grasp the whole idea of the "Stunt Double" and how they look just like the actor. He kept saying "mom, there's more then one of those famous people here". He also didn't understand why we weren't watching the movie right now. He asked 5 million questions, most of them the same questions, like "Are we going to do another scene? When will we be done? etc" and I kept giving him the same answer, "I don't know. Melissa will tell us. I know as much as you do. She will tell you." He didn't like that.

This day was the first time that I saw him really over stimulated. When he was on a break I would have him stand in front of me and I would put my arms around his neck, resting my folded hands on his heart.  He seemed scared, and excited, and every time I was out of eye sight he would be like, "Mom? Mom?" making sure I was coming or near by. He wasn't acting like himself most of the day, he was very hyper and fidgitty and acting kinda like he was on a TV show or something the entire time. On the way home I asked him why he was acting so different and he said he was just really excited.

E loved it. She was totally in her element. I think she's a natural.

I really hope that both E and Abel are actually seen on screen, but I'm not sure if they will be.

It was a great day. I'm tired. My legs are killing me from standing all day. I'm taking some Advil and going to bed.

(read the follow up post to this HERE.)


Shawn Wilson said…
That is SO awesome!! Marl Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors!! Hope to see you guys in the movie!!
Unknown said…
I was the African American motorbike Guy at the bar in Algiers. Did about 4 scenes. Hopefully one make it in the movie. Good experience.

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