BRDC Dream Lab kicks back off today

We kick back off Dream Lab today, 4pm-6pm, with tutoring and sports.

On February 3rd we kick off a new Art class taught by LSU art major, Rachel Rubenstein. Also dance will start up with nationally renown Hip Hop Choreographer, Dena Rizzo.

Sign up will be required for these activities.

These two activities will run from Feb 3rd – April 14th, with a dance performance and art show on April 16th at the Servolution block party.

We will spend this month going to the schools around the DC with fliers and hand outs advertising these activities and we will also be signing kids up at church and at Dream Lab.

Nathan Robert is working for the Prison Release-Step Out Program now so he will no longer be leading the Dream Lab. We cherish and appreciate his time serving the kids of the Dream Center community and wish him and Esther all the best in this new season of their lives.

Paul Trahan will be the person in charge now. You can contact him at 225-810-6793 or me at 225-439-7327, if you have any questions.

Thank you for being a part of Dream Lab. You are making a difference when you come and spend time with these kids.


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