Really Good Church

Christmas brings out the very best in Christians. This is our holiday, the time of year we celebrate the birth of Jesus, God in man, who came to save us from ourselves, the devil and eternal separation from He who is love, joy and peace.We celebrate with events like live nativity scenes at churches, or by taking time to participate in a toy or food giveaway for the needy. We take extra care to be kind to strangers, friends and loved ones that drive us crazy. Sure, there's always the Scrooge Christians who would rather spend their energy on getting mad at someone who says "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", but really I think Fox news makes a bigger deal out of that then most real Christians do. What I see, in my small world, is good. I see so many families adopting less fortunate families this season, so that kids who might not have a good Christmas will, I see people giving so that Orphans at Children's Cup Care Points in Swaziland can have food, gifts, education, this Christmas. I see pictures from the special needs Christmas party at my church, I see many people giving gifts to charitable organizations rather then spending money on needless crap. I see people bending more, being nicer and giving more grace. That's what I see from my Christian brothers and sisters this Holiday season, and it's really good.


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