A Month of Sundays

I have an idea, and this blog post will stand as the proof it was my idea first in case someone tries to steal it (which they will because it's a cool idea).

Make a documentary following four pastors, each from completely different Christian style churches, have these four pastors take a month of Sundays away from their current environment and spend it in a completely opposite style church setting, like a seeker sensitive mega church pastor goes to a 100 member inner city holiness church, a Baptist goes to a United Pentecostal church, an Assembly of God pastor to a Presbyterian church, the inner city pastor goes to a country church, etc. But they don't just go to a completely different church setting, they have to follow the pastor of that congregation around and serve him for a month. During that time, they can have no contact with their circle of people that they normally hang with, get advice from, feed off of, try to impress, or anything like that (wife and kids would either be with them or they could spend time with them of course) but the idea is to see the church world from a completely different perspective and try to learn from it, empathize with it, or maybe just to confirm to the pastors that they are on the right track. I believe God could and would use such a social experiment for the good. I think it would change a lot of their lives. To have to live in another persons world, to have to be only influenced by that persons circumstances, to walk a month of Sundays in their shoes...


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