Who Should I Vote for Then?

After my blog post Saturday, "Dear David Vitter" I had a few of my conservative friends text, email or ask me personally, who should they vote for if not for Vitter since they feel that Charlie Melancon is to liberal for them? So I want to answer that.

In my opinion I think it's as important who we don't vote for as much as it is who we vote for. When we send someone to represent us we not only send them to represent what we believe in but also they represent what we will no longer tolerate. The term, "protest vote" is not new, the electorate votes against ideals and policies all the time. So, for me, voting against Vitter is more important at this time in history then voting for what he may or may not get accomplished for the conservative agenda if he were to continue his time in Washington representing us. I will be voting for Charlie Melancon, (here is a link to his voting record, he's actually very conservative in his voting, http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=35601)

See, I believe the means do not justify the ends. I believe that character does matter. I believe that David Vitter should have been arrested for solicitation when his name was discovered in the black book of the DC madam, and made to stand trial like any one else. According to the law, if you are found guilty of soliciting a prostitute, you have to pay $500 and serve 6 months in jail. Vitter was never even investigated much less arrested. And he campaigns as a family values candidate, moral, family values voters are who put him in office as their Senator.

Sure there are other issues I know, and some voters will vote party line no matter what a politician does, look at Bill Clinton, William Jefferson, Edwin Edwards, David Duke, and so many others. These politicians knew just like David Vitter does, that his personal life, even if it contributes to the selling of children, is not what voters care about.

My question to all who vote strictly based on how that person votes as your representative is this, hows that working for you? Do you feel you have seen the results in your government that you want? I believe that the grid lock and everything else plaguing government is a result of sending people of bad character to Washington.

The main reason I became an Independent is because of the Republican base being so "moral" only when it's a Democrat committing the sin. I know it's the same for Democrats, I never was one so I cant speak from that side, but I was a Republican for 24 years and I got so tired of hearing the rhetoric of Fox news, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, spewing out of conservatives mouths like they were reading a cue card.  I started to realize that very few actually think for themselves. And very few actually care about morals or family values as long as their Republican voted accordingly. That's so hypocritical.

Vitter will probably win tomorrow, and the message will continue to be loud and clear to the sellers of sex in high places, and low places, continue with business as usual, buy more girls, sell more girls, because even the religious right conservative voters of Louisiana don't care enough to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions.


Anonymous said…
"conservative voters of Louisiana don't care enough to hold their elected officials accountable for their actions."

Should we not hold our federal officials to the same standards? Are Vitter's indiscretions from over a decade ago significantly worse than Obama's admitted drug use?....

Does illegal drug trafficking and addiction not destroy and harm as many lives and families as sex trafficking and prostitution? Should we not be so offended by Obama's ignorance of that fact that we vote for his opponent in order to send a clear message of what we won't accept?....

I'm sure that's exactly what we all did, readers and author alike! Right?
Carole Turner said…
First, I didn't vote for Obama, and second, no, drugs do not do the same damage as sex trafficking. When you sell a drug, that's it, it's sold and then used. but a girl can and is sold 20 to 30 times A DAY. There is NO comparison between the two. But Obama did admit that he broke the law, he said he used an illegal drug. Vitter wouldn't answer the question and it's very convenient for him and all the other politicians that were in the black book that the madam is dead now.

I know the fact that I am so vocal about a family values, republican candidate, makes a lot of Christians uncomfortable because they feel they have to vote for a man who cheats on his wife and buys sex FOR YEARS from prostitutes in order to get what they want from Government, IE ends justifies the means.

Yes, He says he's been forgiven by God and his wife, and that is great. He can now use what he did for the good, as I stated in my "Dear David Vitter" letter, which I did send to him but got no reply. But as a criminal gets arrested or a child gets punished, even though they are forgiven for their offense, I will not be one of the people rewarding him with election for what he did (renting sex) and is now not doing (using his story to help end sex trafficking)

You do what you gotta do and I will do what I gotta do. I don't live in fear of any government, so as I told Brad Lawrence this morning, "God is in control, let the hanging chads fall where they may".

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