Things That Make You Say hum?

So wait, let me get this straight, Pastor Ed Young lectured "cussing pastors" in a video, telling them how worldly and ungodly cussing is, preachers who say words like "sucks" and "crap" but he sees no problem with spending an entire sermon on bullying and manipulating his congregation into giving his church their bank account numbers and authorizing automatic draft of their tithe into the church account? Yea, that doesn't turn off the unsaved at all. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures...but no cussing.

Speaking of cussing. Carlos Whittaker said "Damn Monkey bars" on his twitter and Christians went crazy! You know, the kids in the Narnia books actually say that word? People freak out about the weirdest stuff.

Speaking of Narnia, I'm counting down the days till Voyage of the Dawn Treader hits theaters in a couple weeks. Anyone up for a midnight movie on Thursday December 9th?

And finally, some politics because I'm not sure if talking about money hungry preachers and cussing is quite enough to get your feathers ruffled this morning :-)

I completely understand why the Republicans are insisting on extending the tax cuts to the wealthy, I mean it's worked great so far, look how much it's helped the economy. The jobless rate, consumer confidence, charitable giving, everything about the American economy is much better now then it was before the tax cuts right? Trickle down at it's finest.


This is great! And so true.

Love your spirit, Carole!

Shawn Wilson said…
Ed Young is really asking for people to give the Church their back account numbers? WOW!! I have heard him called a wolf in sheep clothing but this may just prove it!!!

Oh and as far as the tax cuts go........word!!
Anonymous said…
The idea behind giving big companies tax breaks is so they will have more money to create more jobs. right. Giving high income people tax breaks so they will spend more money, therefore, getting money moving again. They need to give small business more tax breaks so they can create more jobs because that is the back bone of America. the rest is smoke and mirrors.

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