Project Hopeful, Help HIV+ Orphans, buy a Cool Necklace

My friend Carolyn Twietmeyer, founder of Project Hopeful, an organization that helps orphans with HIV get adopted, was featured in this months People Magazine.  

Project HOPEFUL Founder/Executive Director, Carolyn Twietmeyer, husband Kiel, and their 13 children are featured in the December 6th issue of People Magazine (available on news stands November 26th)


They will also be on the CBS evening news this Tuesday. 
I'm so happy about all the coverage they are getting. They do good. They fight against stigma, prejudice and fear to help these most vulnerable of orphans, find loving families. And they fight for the ones who have to stay behind in orphanages, to get the care they need. I weep every time I look at the long list of waiting children. I know that most people fear adopting a child with HIV and that breaks my heart. I am waiting on Dean and praying for God's timing. It's not easy, I have found several that I would adopt now if Dean was ready.  But for now, I can help them get these kids in loving homes. You can too. 

Uganda paper bead necklace with Project HOPEFUL heart pendant $37 (includes shipping)

Let your style make a statement with this beautiful necklace designed of colorful handcrafted beads made by women in Uganda. Each bead is made of thin strips of recycled paper or magazines painstakingly rolled into differing shapes. The Project HOPEFUL heart pendant is handmade (see description below) and features a hand with a positive sign, representing AIDS orphans around the world.  Feather-light weight beads make this necklace a breeze to wear. The extra long length is designed to be worn looped several times for a multi-strand effect. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind; variations are a part of their charm.
Carolyn wearing one of these necklaces for the People Magazine shoot

I have two necklaces from Project Hopeful, they are both very cool. This new one is extra cool I think because it's long. Every purchase helps HIV+ orphans come into a family so go buy one please. There are also lots of cool T-shirts and stuff.


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