Ham Giveaway

Over the last month the BRDC has had families from the community sign up to get a free ham, bag of groceries, and 6 pack of drinks for Thanksgiving. We had 500 of these to give away. By last week we had already signed up that many families.

Today people from the HPC Highland campus came to deliver these ham dinners to the families. Some hungry families, who otherwise may not of had a thanksgiving meal, now will.

Thank you everyone at HPC for giving so THIS can happen. You were Jesus driving and giving hams today.

The typed up map that I made from this drawing

Really cool fliers, that went into the grocery bags for the people receiving the Hams, telling about upcoming BRDC events.

Carrie and friend making sure that every car that came to deliver hams, had the maps, fliers, and info packet they needed, so that we could be sure that everyone who signed up to get a ham, got one.

500 grocery bags...

500 cases of drinks..

and Reverend Boutte showing off one of the 500 hams we gave away.

Loading up the cars of people who came from the HPC Highland campus to deliver the hams, groceries and drinks.

The outreach...


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