Gonnna be a Funky Christmas

Sweet Kayla, one of the HPC-BRDC interns hooked my iPhone up with "instagram" so I could take some really cool looking pics with it.

I spent Monday and yesterday decorating the Dream Center for Christmas (Kayla, E and my boys helped me). Three things I knew; I didn't want gold, I only wanted to use ball ornaments and I wanted to bring out the colors in the beautiful stained glass windows of the sanctuary. So I went with mostly silver, white and then threw in colored balls (the window has gray, red, green, yellow, and blue, squares)

All our decorations are donated so we had everything from 1985 style burgundy and gold wreaths to all-things-peacock-sparkle decorations. And we had a good deal of colored ball ornaments.

After two days of decorating. I'm happy with how it turned out. I think it's contemporary with a classic warm feel.

Now to just keep people from touching the loose ball ornaments that are strategically placed around the bottom of a few of the tall trees...

Here's a little peek into the funky goodness...
This is near the boutique, the art above the trees is a piece that was done by BRDC Kids.

This is by the receptionist office. All of these trees were gold so I spray painted them white. See the loose colored balls by the bottom of the trees?

This is on the alter table, in front of the stage, in the sanctuary.
One of the trees, on the right side of the stage, it's 6 or 7ft tall, there's another on just like it on the left side.


meghan matt said…
looks great! actually the art piece is the one we did this summer with kids' summer program :)

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