Contemplative Nuggets from Life

I took this picture in a bathroom at my dads house over Thanksgiving. It's the typical, hold the camera up and pose, picture. But I like it. I love the Project Hopeful shirt that I have on. I need to be reminded A LOT that "IT" is not about me.

I send Dean a lot of pics of HIV+ kids, waiting and praying he will say yes to one. Pray with me will you?

I wonder if I will ever again drive to church on a Sunday morning and not think of Jordan. A lot of the HPC staff and friends of Jordan have gotten tattoo's in his honor. He used to always have to deal with geese on the HPC property. He joked that they were his arch Nemesis. Since his death his mother has seen several geese in random places and she knows they are sent as a hug from God. She has gotten two tattoo's herself, geese tattoo's are what most are getting to remember Jordan. I love that.

My gal bladder has been really acting up. Thanksgiving food didn't help. I had an attack last night. It wasn't as bad as the one a month or so ago, but that's probably because I got my hands on some good pain meds when the pain first started. I hate eating fat free but I'm gonna do it.

I've been without a job now since October 1st. We are starting to feel it. Sucks at Christmas that's for sure. But when I talk to friends, they are in the same boat, everyone is financially strapped these days. I know I am so much more fortunate then 90% of the world. I have health insurance, Dean has a great job, we live in a nice modest home and we have peace and love. That's good. I am blessed.

Chair I'm working on, using mostly sharpies.
The chair before

When I am painting or doing some sort of art, I am constantly asking God, "what next" and I know God guides my hand. I believe that even when it turns out crappy.

I sometime sing the lyrics from John Mayer's song, Why Georgia Why, I look at my best friend, my father who is the God of the universe and ask, "..cause I wonder sometimes about the outcome of a still verdictless life, Am I living it right?"


Anonymous said…
this is beautiful. You need to do it on a canvas and hang it at Winborne.

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