Who's Speaking To You?

I am a sponge for good teaching, great writing, nuggets of wisdom, there are a few blogs I read just for that. Here they are,

Skye Jathani.
He wrote The Divine Commodity, it's number 17 on my list of top 20 books. His wisdom is deep. He only blogs about once a month if that, but I wait for those rare steak dinners like a dog under a dinner table. It's always meaty goodness.

Ben Arment. 
He worked for Catalyst Conference for years, he's the founder of Story Conference, White Board sessions and Dream Year.  Have you ever read a blog that you wanted to send EVERY post from it to your pastor and all the church leaders and creative people in your church? That's this blog. It's helped me immensely.

Donal Miller
He's famous for his book Blue Like Jazz, so it's no question that I learn so much from his writing but what I like about his blog is that he ask questions, hard questions, questions the church doesn't like and he explores them. I like that. Many of the questions don't have clear answers, that's why we call it faith, but I like exploring the questions anyway.


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