Two Questions

As many of you know, I am unemployed right now. The grant I worked for at the Dream Center ended October 1st so I'm looking for a new job. But I don't want just any job. I want to use my gifts and talents. I want to get paid to live my dreams.

I've been reading Ben Arment's blog for a while now but recently, during my job hunt, it's really helped me explore what I am and am not good at. What's really my God given dream and how can I make money living it. One thing he said was that we need to think about how people describe us, like when someone says "I love how you _______". That _______ is what we should be doing. That really made me think. He also said "The people around you know EXACTLY what you're bad at... and what you're great at. They're just too polite to tell you. So you have to ask them. You'll probably find your dream amid those stories. God will confirm or deny it for you."

SO I want to ask you that know me, either just through this blog, casually or personally, two questions:

What am I bad at?

What am I great at?

Please answer honestly, you can even answer anonymously is you want.

I appreciate your answers.


Karen said…
I don't know that you are bad at anything. Except spelling. And a little grammar.

You are GREAT at getting things done. Cleaning, organizing, creating. I love you in a people situation. I think you are good with a "boss", structure, some guidelines, and then you fly. You are loyal and smart. And your appearance is always lovely. How's that?
HerstoryGirl said…
I'm with Karen. You really aren't bad at a lot. I think God brought you into my life to teach me patience and tolerance when it comes to spelling and grammar errors. :D

You are an amazing writer who can evoke emotions and a deep sense of relevance from a 4-paragraph blog post. You have tremendous patience and insight into people whom the world would prefer to ignore. You can clean like fool and make it look so easy. And you have an ability to look at something and see its potential for beauty. That's a gift not many people have!
Most of all, you are an encourager; someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is and still find the good that lies beneath. I truly don't know what I would do without your friendship. :)
Natalie said…
Your a connecter. You thrive on people, their relationships to you or ones that do not yet have a place in your heart, you still want them there and anxiously wait for the day of it.

Your heart is for the lost, the forgotten and the without. And the way your heart expresses is by telling of them. You want to display their injustice and lack of whatever so that the whole world can see. Not just for yourself and the BRDC to see. Your heart begs you to tell their story. To write it on the heavens, to give them a voice in this grey world of ours.

You are a bringer of Good News, of freedom, or redemption. That is what I see you do and trust me, if I was around you more, I am sure I would see a thousand other amazing things.

Your heart is rare. Use it well.
Anonymous said…
The things you do well or great; that’s easy, and the list is long. The “not great” is hard, because you don’t take criticism very well (ouch-that’s one). The spelling and grammatical errors, in your writing, are frustrating to me as a reader, it takes away from your writing.

The answer to the easy question: You are great at; reading, writing, parenting, working, painting, cleaning, being transparent, handling a crisis, dealing with problems, seeing the humor in circumstances and making the best of it, laughing (I really do appreciate your “BAAA-HA”), having fun and learning from your mistakes. Finally,when my life was falling apart, you were a good listener, thanks.
Anonymous said…
I think you should answer those two questions about us. I am feeling brave and want to know what you think.
Anonymous said…
Bad: speller & refraining from speaking your mind (although you have gotten better ;)
Great: loving the poor, hurting and sometimes forgotten. fighting against injustice. passion for orphans. organizer. loyal. get things done. creative. writer. photographer. listener. tambourine player. singer. mom. wife. friend.
Carole Turner said…
So I'm a really bad speller but a good writer, crazy!

I am working on taking criticism better.

I do love to tell other peoples stories.

I honestly don't think that speaking my mind is bad at all.

The question is how to make money being a free speaking writer who spells bad and has redneck grammar? :-)
Carole Turner said…
Hope clarified that she meant speaking my mind at inappropriate times was not good. I can see that. What's funny is all the things I think but don't say, that's scary :-)

I do appreciate all of you who took the time to answer these for me. I really do, even if I didn't take the "bad" too well :-) Your all are amazing and special!
Anonymous said…
You are like a dog with a bone when you get something in your head. Sometimes you don't think things thru before you act or speak..(kind of like your mother use to be before life taught her a few lessons) You are one of the kindest people I know with a heart as big as the sky. You are very creative. You see with an artist eyes. You know that one person can change the world even if it's only one person's world. I could go on and on but I just want you to know that you are you and I love you.
Love Mom
Summer Kelly =) said…
Awwww.... Your mom's post made me cry!!!
So sweet & true.

Ok, jobs I think you would be good at:
Substitute teacher
Magazine writer
Newspaper writer
Personal organizer
Interior Decorator (you just have a natural gift for this)
Grant writer
Adoption counselor
Personal shopper :D
Home Health Nurse (don't know why; just think you'd be really good at that)

So, there.

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