Midnite 10/15/10

Went to 3 strip clubs and handed out over 80 roses.

We started streets with 50 Hygiene bags.

Seigen Ln, Motel 6:
3 prostitutes spotted,
2 contacted,
2 were AA transvestite boys, 1 AA girl.

(Kelly Pitts was driving for us and she was like "hawk eyes" she was spotting them right and left. She works at Target right by Motel 6 and she sees them come in there a lot)

Shades Motel, Airline Hwy:
3 AA Transvestites received Hygiene bags

Plank Rd:
9 Transvestites and 2 girls received Hygiene bags. 5 johns/men received Chocolates.

Top Ten bar:
Handed out 25 Roses and Vince gave bouncers, Skip, DJ, and Lawrence, Chocolates. Place was PACKED!

No one was at Abandoned car place for the second month in a row.

We figured the AA Transvestites from Plank were so out in full force due to LSU playing McNeese today.

I recognized one of the transvestites that we gave a hygiene bag to on Seigen, and later when we were at Plank talking to the group of Trans, he was dropped off near us and I said "we gave you one over on Seigen ln right? and he said yes.

There was a new, white, transvestite out with them last night. He looked young.

We gave a bag to a tran that was coming from the car wash (where they service a lot of men) to join the group, as we drove off we saw a white car pull up, take his bag and throw it in the back seat, and drive off. Guess that was the pimp. Made me sad that the Tran would not even get to see what was in there.

I pray that every person who received a Rose comes to church or contacts us if they want help. I also pray that everyone who received a Hygiene bag, with the BRDC list of outreaches and services, comes to cafe, church, something. I pray they saw Jesus in our actions and the items we gave them, that it touches their hearts and they come to know Him.


Elysa said…
What does the AA stand for?
Carole Turner said…
African American

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