In the Dirty, What It Feels like Today

The homeless stranger wanting a bag of groceries doesn't know you've been thrown for a loop, so be nice.
Understanding why you like sad songs when your sad is not understandable to those who don't want to mourn with those who mourn.
Understanding a cold greedy laugh instead of tears and breaking is not something I can do.
How do I not paint a broad stroke?
Cover it all with a blanket of generalizations?
Leave and never look back?
How do I let it break my heart but not break me into tiny pieces that take flight in the wind?
No one understands.
But some do.
They've been there longer, loved harder and sacrificed much more.
Oh please! You haven't done crap Sue! give me a break. 
I'm not Mother Theresa I'm the leper she helped.
Self makes me want to yank my earrings off and fight.
Actually, not metaphorically, I mean really fist fight.
So I fight the anger, disillusionment, grief and I reach for the hammock and fall into it.
All that to say,
The fool known for her many words is speechless.


HerstoryGirl said…
Wow... That's one of your best yet. This fool is speechless, too.

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