Dream Lab Update and Announcement...

We are happy to announce that Dream Lab has partnered with Tigers Against Trafficking to begin a mentoring program during the Dream Lab. Five LSU students have signed up for this program and we are excited about the future possibilities that a structured mentoring program can bring to the youth of our community through the Dream Lab setting.

This new season of Dream Lab has really started off great. Besides the 15-20 kids from the community who come, we also have 10 boys and girls from the STAND program participating in Dream Lab. These are 17 year old kids who are aging out of the foster care system so we are thrilled that these teens are now a part of Dream Lab.

Also this season we have implemented a structured activities schedule. Since August we have had tutoring every week, Terry Wiley and Brooke Stewart have been heading this up and doing an amazing job.(One boy in particular has been getting help with Physics. yikes!) Terry and Brooke make sure to go around and ask the kids if they have homework or need tutoring, and some usually do. So cool!

We also did Art twice last month. (I have attached a few pictures.) One day we just sat down with paint and canvas and another week we did a “Dream board” I drew stick people with think clouds above their heads and told the kids to write in the cloud what they dream of and “dress” their stick people. It was so fun!

We did cooking with Jillian one day, and other days we played pool, air hockey and shuffle board.

We also had our first “Dream connect group” Led by Nathan, last Thursday night from 6:30-7:30pm. 30 kids showed up, ate pizza, heard a short message from Gods word, and spent time connecting. It was great.

Football will be starting up this week with Johnathan Cruse and Paul Trahan and on the horizon we have G-TV, Grow and Cook with Julie Broussard. We will be growing food in the garden, (cabbage, collard greens, etc) video taping the process, then next January or February, when it’s time to harvest, we will cook it all for the parents! And of course, we will video that too.

And finally, Dena Rizzo is back starting today teaching Hip Hop dance every week! She’s getting the Dream Dance Crew ready for something special around the holidays.

So, as you can see, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that this new season of Dream Lab is starting off great! But, we can’t do it without you. We need you! Thanks so much to you who are making this happen for these kids. You are making a difference, don’t ever doubt that.

If you have been away for a bit but are considering recommitting to the program, please let me know. You can come lead an activity, tutor, help with gardening, sports, dance, art, help with security, clean up, tear down, snacks, cooking, or just to hang out with the kids. We would love to have you, one Thursday a month, two, three, whatever you can commit to would be deeply appreciated.

Also, If you would like more information about being a Dream Mentor you can download the attached information packet. I would be happy to answer any questions you have also.

Sorry this was so long. Love to all of you!

The BRDC Dream Lab Dream Team

Dream Mentor Application 

Juanita showing off her really painting.
Terry and Brooke tutoring
the Dream Lab Dream board

cooking with Jillian


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