Dear David Vitter

My name is Carole Turner. I have been a resident of Baton Rouge Louisiana since 1985.  I was a registered Republican for 24 years until recently when I registered as an Independent. I think the only time I didn't vote Republican was when I voted for Baton Rouge mayor Kid Holden. I became a registered independent in 2008. But even then, I voted for the Republican candidates. In this election coming up on Tuesday however,  I will for the second time in 24 years, be voting for the Democrat, your opponent, Charlie Melancon. I would like to explain the major reason why.

My husband and I lead a street outreach to prostitutes. We also work with different organizations and coalitions in the fight against human trafficking. We know many prostitutes that are under age and many who are now adults but they started prostituting when they were as young as eleven years old. One of our biggest frustration in the fight against sex trafficking is that as long as there is a demand for pay sex, there will always be people out there ready to meet that demand by enslaving more girls. As long as johns are not prosecuted for their crime, we are fighting a battle that is hard to win.

I watched parts of the debate last night between you and Charlie Melancon. When you were asked if you committed a crime by soliciting services from a prostitute, you refused to answer. I understand why you didn't answer, I think, for one, it would be admitting to a crime and as a former lawyer you know what that would lead to. But even if telling that truth would have led to a trial, your chances of being convicted would have been small since the madam who's black book your name was found in, committed suicide in jail (that in itself reeks of foul deeds). I do believe the fact that you nor any of the other men who's names were found in the black book, were ever tried for solicitation sends a strong message to men who buy sex across this country, and it's not a good one for those of us who are fighting against human trafficking or for the victims of sex trafficking.

I know you said that you have received forgiveness from your wife and God. But just as any other criminal who ask for forgiveness from God and family has to pay the price in the judicial system, you should have to also and especially because you are a leader and a public figure.

But I do believe there is a way for this all to be used for the good. As a prominent family values candidate for senate, I would like to ask you to help end the enslavement of over 1000,000 American children each year. I understand that until recent years, most men did not realize the connection between Human Trafficking and a typical brothel or high dollar prostitution ring but now, with public awareness campaigns and major movie studios producing movies about the sex trade industry, most people do understand that many of these woman are under age, even if they look older and have fake ID's  and even though they say they are not underage. Many are forced into the sex trade by bully boyfriend/pimps, or a myriad of other circumstances that cause them to wind up working as a prostitute. With your history as someone who once sought the services of a prostitute, who now has repented of this action and seeks to continue to be seen as a conservative family values, candidate, you could now use that to speak to Johns, you could tell them how you realize now that there is a connection between prostitution and trafficking. You could help greatly in the fight against sex trafficking because of your status as a family values official.  You could publicly apologize to the girls whom you rented for sex and tell them you now understand that your buying sex for money contributed to theirs and other girls enslavement. Imagine what a powerful force for good you could be?

We are currently in desperate need of rehabilitative housing for the victims of sex trafficking. There are only six such facilities in the entire country. You could use your story to help raise funds for these houses. You could actually take what you are trying to avoid answering for, and use it for the good. You could now be a part of the solution to the human trafficking problem here in the United States instead of one of the buyers of sex for sale, which is what causes there to be sex trafficking.

I ask that you prayerfully consider this suggestion.

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HerstoryGirl said…
AMEN and AMEN!!!

Everyone deserves a little grace and forgiveness, but it's what we DO with that grace that really matters. You can pretend nothing ever happened or you can use it for God's glory by making sure it never happens again.

It's time for Vitter -- and other politicians and public figures -- to step up and DO SOMETHING positive with the grace they've been given!!

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