Dean, the kids and I were on our way to worship team practice at the Dream Center last Monday night. It was 6:00pm and none of us had eaten dinner yet, so we stopped at the Sonic on Airline. We ordered our food and sat there waiting for it to be roller-skated to our car by the normal friendly Car Hop.

As we waited I saw the first girl walking slowly from the motel that is next to the Sonic toward the Wendy's that is just past the Sonic. She didn't look familiar. She was crack thin, like many of them are and she looked as if she had just woken up. I asked Dean if he recognized her and he said no. But we both knew she was a prostitute.  This strip of Airline, right in front of the Home Depot, is a normal place to see prostitutes. During Midnight outreach we often times stop at the motel that's right there.

Just as she entered the Wendy's we saw another prostitute walking the same route, from the motel toward the Wendy's and then, behind her, was yet another girl. These two we were familiar with. One was stopped by a white car that was heading into the trailer park which is between the Sonic and a pawn shop. She leaned into the window and the other girl joined her. They were working out a deal with the two men in the front seat.

I knew right then that I needed to talk to them. Dean knew too, he instructed Abel to give me three HOPE bags from the back of the van.  I decided that once we got our food we would pull over there and give them the bags.

But on this day, the normal Sonic service was a bit lacking. They forgot Evangeline's sandwich and took an extra long time getting us our food.

I should have jumped out and went over and gave them the bags when I first saw them but I didn't. It's like sometimes I think "I'm off duty. I'm with my family in our mini van at Sonic, can't I just not do this now?" I know, that may just be too honest for some of you, but that was how I felt for a second. But then I immediately felt convicted. I know that when I don't act when prompted, I will be haunted by what I should have done.

The world went on around us,  families just like ours sat in the Sonic drive-in eating. Business men, singles, laborers, all walks of life drove down Airline Hwy oblivious or ignoring what was going on in broad daylight. But we were not oblivious, we know, we can't act like we don't.

God has placed in my heart a deep care and concern for these ladies, I should have not waited. By the time we pulled out of Sonic, the three girls had gone back into their world of sex for money. I was left with a full stomach, a sad heart, and three HOPE bags meant for them.

And I think of them. I pray for them. I pray for me to listen when prompted next time. And I pray we see them Friday night on Midnight outreach so I can give them their HOPE bags.


Elysa said…
Praying you'll see them, too, Carole. God is the God of second chances...for them and for us!

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