Sixteen Years Ago Today

It was a hot day in South Florida, that's why we had scheduled the wedding for 9:30am. We were married on Lake Okeechobee while floating atop of the Old Farts Party Barge.  I wore a knee length dress that cost $60, My "veil" cost me $2, it was a scarf. The flowers we bought at Winn Dixie, I made the arrangement. Dean wore shorts, a nice button down, and a tie.  After the 5 minute ceremony that was performed by Dean's dad (he's a Notary) we changed into bathing suits and swam with the Alligators ( I captured the Alligators on my wedding video, they were too close for me to swim long), we ate finger foods that Brenda (Dean's mom) had brought and by noon, Dean and I were leaving for our Honey moon.  We had dinner at the Outback Steak house and stayed the night at the Sheraton Hotel, an hour away. We came home the next day.  I had no idea then, on that day, that I'd love him more with every passing year. We've been through a lot. We are partners, lovers, friends. Happy Anniversary Dean. I love you.


Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary Dean & Carole!
We love you! Mom & Gary
Anonymous said…
I love the picture of you two. You can tell how much in love you were and still are. It made me all teary eyed. Love, MOM
Anj said…
WooooHoooo!!! Dean you married a hotttttie! Straight up!
love you Carole!!
Shawn Wilson said…
Congrats!!! Love the pic!!!
HerstoryGirl said…
LOVE this picture of you! Hot stuff!

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