Idea People

There are a lot of idea people in ministry, but very few follow through people.

There's the "I think of stuff but then leave it for others to do the work part...but I like credit for what goes right about it, and I can disconnect from the parts that don't know, since I wasn't part of the actual man power side of it".

And there are the people who always have to have a new idea. They move on when there idea becomes "life" and loses it's excitement.

I think that's why results driven people are always moving on to new ventures, especially in ministry, because they don't see the results during the "high" times. That first month, year, decade, so they think it's not working. I have heard so many people say, "we've been doing this for two years and seen only one or two real life changes." To them, that means what they are doing is a failure.

Maybe it was all for the two lives?

Idea people don't seem to like it being about "the one" as much as they like it to always be exciting.

But more disturbing are the idea people who never involve themselves in the "life" season. This is actually a very prevalent characteristic of the Gen-Xers. They get bored quickly due to being raised in a fast food culture. Instant gratification leads to instant dissatisfaction. Instant boredom. They "burn out" after a season of hard work with little results, AKA, get bored with the mundane day to day work of the ministry. If it ain't exciting, it must be time to move on.

I think I could appreciate the presence of idea people in ministry more if they just had that title. "Hello, nice to meet you, I'm the (Insert church name here) Idea person." Or better yet, the term I have actually seen, "Experience Architect". That term makes me think of a person who goes around drawing out literally, figuratively and/or virtually plans for an experience...aka idea person.

I guess I'm being kinda hard on the idea people because I spent way too much of my life dreaming, scheming and having some really great ideas but the joy didn't come until long after the romance was gone, the idea had become "life" and a lot of time doing it had passed. So, I feel sad for the idea people who always have to ride the high of a new idea but are missing out on what comes way down the road after years of work.

Yes, I know the bible says that one plants, one waters, one harvest but the church seems full of people who want to add "one has ideas" to that list. We all want to be creative, create something new, fun, interesting or innovative. There are too few people who want to put their hand to the plow and work. Too few that hang in there when it gets boring, when it becomes "life".


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