Here's What Bothers Me..

Just a few things..

When family values voters reelect a senator who bought prostitutes, which is illegal, but he spent no time in jail for it, nor did he pay any fines or anything. Instead, the righteous voters rewarded him for taking part in human trafficking, (if there were no johns buying prostitutes, there would be no sex trafficking) and reelected him, because it doesn't matter if he contributes to the buying and selling of girls for sex, it only matters that he votes accordingly.

When people think nothing is about race and refuse to even look inward to see if it might be about race.

When people think everything is about race and refuse to even look inside and see if it might be about something else.

When someone paints a room and they don't cut in.

Cat litter boxes. I hate them, they are just nasty. Don't ever think your better then someone in a third world country pooping into a hole in the ground outside when you got a stinking cat crapping in your house!

The sound of football on TV or the radio, that sound gets on my last nerve.

Have a great weekend.


Shawn Wilson said…
It REALLLLLLYYYYY pisses me off that people are behind Vitter!!! I can't express how angry it makes me!!! Really!!!

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