Friday Free Style

I've discovered that if I go to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am, I have way more energy throughout the day. No snoozing. My temperament throughout the day seems much better too. Not sure why.

When I lost my blog name a few months ago I also lost about half of the people who read my blog. I miss "the wardrobe and the white tree" I really really do. On my bookmarks it still is the link to get here. SO sad. So very sad.

I really do love to paint. We are doing a lot of painting at the Dream Center and I'm really enjoying it. We have some great Cut-in brushes and I just love painting with them.

This weekend is going to be so crazy. I'm going to a lingerie shower tonight, (gotta find a gift, I'm thinking eatable underwear) then tomorrow morning I'm helping clean a house for a friend then at 2pm I'm going to TJ Ribs with Dean and a bunch of other couples from Coca Cola, then we are going to the LSU game. I'm excited.

I don't feel like I'm gonna crash and burn anytime soon but who knows.


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