BRDC Dream Lab Needs You

The Baton Rouge Dream Center youth Dream Lab starts back up this Thursday and we need volunteers.

DREAM LAB is a program for youth ages 12-18. It meets on Thursday afternoons from 4pm-6pm. With a focus on mentoring potential young leaders and reaching out to teens in the community through Hip Hop dance, gardening, cooking, tutoring, sports and more.

DANCE: Weekly Hip Hop classes are from 4:30pm - 5:30pm. Taught by world renown Hip Hop dance instructor, Dena Rizzo.

Last Christmas the dance troop preformed at the Christmas toy giveaway and other events.

GARDENING: For the last two years the kids, and the staff, have been able to eat from their growing garden. This is Neia with pastor Craig, showing off the tomatoes she grew.

Brandon posing by his plot of garden ;-)

TUTORING: We offer help with homework to any one that may need it. This is Lori helping Nicolas with his homework and enjoying some of the fresh tomatoes from the garden.

COOKING. On the fourth Thursday of each month we will have a cooking class, and we've been known to cook some of the vegetables straight from our own garden :-)

SPORTS: Each Thursday there will be baseball, football or basketball.

Many of the children in the Dream Center Community are fatherless, influenced by gang life, drugs and the hard pull of the inner city streets. You could be the positive influence needed to offer them hope for a better life.

Will you consider giving a few hours a month?

If you have a skill such as art, sewing, cake decorating, wood working, anything that you would like to teach the kids at the Dream Lab, please contact or If you could come once a month, twice a month, or every week, whatever suits your schedule, we would love to have you.


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