A Year and a Half

We have been home with Abel for a year and a half, and I must say, adopting him has been such a blessing. And it's also been the hardest thing I have ever done. I have never been more dependent on the love, grace, mercy and wisdom of Jesus then this last year and a half.

I don't want to speak for everyone that has ever adopted an older child but for me, and for Dean I know, we found ourselves praying stuff we never thought we would have to pray, "God help me love him like our other kids..help me forgive him..help him for give me...protect, give peace, help me to not live in fear...help me this very second to be kind....help me to attach to him...help me to treat him equal to the other kids..." and so on. I spent many nights saying "ok, God, how do I do this? How do I teach a child what honesty is? How do I help him KNOW himself, act natural, feel comfortable with who you made him? How do I teach him THAT God? How do I give him back his innocence? How do I show him he can trust us. I can't without you Jesus. I can't".

I have seen such miracles over this last year and a half. Steele and Abel are true brothers. They defend each other, protect each other, bicker constantly, fight and play. They needed each other and now they have each other. Evangeline's love for them both is something legends are made of. Her heart is deep and true and my boys are beyond blessed to have her as a big sister. They look at her with the purest adoration and she loves them so much.

Every night we pray with the kids as we tuck them in and a few nights a week we get together on our bed and have family prayer where all of us take turns praying. Lately Abel has thanked God for us adopting him. Last night he prayed "Thank you God for my mom and dad adopting me, for my sister, my brother, our house and for church".

Then when we walked into his room for me to tuck him in, he looked up at the picture on his bulletin board that he has of him with the kids at the care center in Africa, he said "mom, I  hope all the kids got adopted." I said "As far as I know they did all get adopted".

THIS is living the dream.


Chantelle said…
Beautiful family.
Erin Moore said…
Thanks for letting us live the dream through you.

I started "following you" when you were in Ethiopia picking Abel up.
Unknown said…
Jes-it! Love you and if I have faith in anyone its you. You serve a mighty God and He will provide you with what you ask and more.

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