Things Learned Last Week

Never underestimate the power of staff infection. What started out looking like a mild shaving rash on Dean's neck turned into a nasty beast. He's now on two antibiotics and a cream.

I never thought it was possible but I think I'm sick of potatoes.

Abel did not understands the importance of putting his head down into the trash can as far as possible when throwing up.

Kids can get crazy nose bleeds out of no where.

Steele absolutely knew that Vampires were not real but he was sad to hear that werewolf's were also not real.

A child with RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), no matter how mild or severe, lies to you while looking you right in the eye (read this on my friend Jillian's blog, she has a child with severe RAD and has read a lot about it) when they are not lying they have trouble making eye contact.

When I'm running low on coffee, I want to drink even more coffee then normal.

When you don't tithe you screw yourself, no one else. It's just true. God blesses what we don't hold on to or think is ours. It doesn't make sense naturally but faith isn't called faith for nothing.

It's really easy to judge someones parenting until you know their story, then you understand "why". Knowing peoples stories is so necessary.

Have a great week.


Anderson Crew said…
I learned a few of those lessons this past week too :)

Ps I like the blog mini make-over :)
Anonymous said…
If what Dean has is merca infection he needs to stay away from the children and you need to disinfect everything with wipes and bleach. Dean needs to wash his hands frequently and not touch the sore. It can be very serious for Dean as well as the children. The sore also needs to be covered.
Anonymous said…
MRSA is the way it is spelled. Look it up on line.

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