The Ladies of the BRDC Cafe

Every Tuesday and Friday the BRDC resource cafe is open from 10:00am until 1:00pm. During that time Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Jeannie open the cafe, stock the food counter, greet people, do assessments on people who need assistance, pray with people, connect people to community resources, get people groceries, close up and clean up. They mentor leaders from the community who help in the cafe. And they light up the Cafe with their hearts. They are what makes the Cafe a wonderful environment for the community. And they do all this as volunteers.

Terry and Barbara throwing Tanika a baby shower in Cafe today.

They often times help mothers in need of food, clothing, diapers, and sometimes, a place to live. They hear stories of addiction and despair from homeless men. They hear what life on the street is like for a homeless youth. They help women who simply don't have enough food in the house to feed their families, men who need jobs, kids who need school uniforms. Each of them could be spending each Tuesday and Friday on themselves, they are all retired with grown kids.They could be getting pedicures or lunching with girl friends but instead these ladies spend their Tuesdays and Fridays with the poor, the hurting and the lost. These three ladies have soft hearts and thick skin and they bring grace, calm and smiles to a hard world. They are Jesus to the people coming into the BRDC resource Cafe.


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