HOT Day of Free Stuff and Midnight

Saturday the heat index was a whopping 110 degrees, just walking outside took your breath away from the heat and humidity. But that didn't stop volunteers at HPC's Baton Rouge Dream Center from setting up a free drive-thru giveaway in the Dream Center Parking lot. There was free jars of peppers, teas, potato's, lotion and under garments. The volunteers worked in the parking lot, in the hot sun, handing free goodies into car windows as people drove through. They also invited people to church and told people about the new Sunday church service time change to 10:30am.

Volunteers helping a family that walked up to the giveaway

The face melting heat also didn't stop teams of volunteers from loading up the HPC truck and a flat bed trailer, full of peppers, vinegar, lotion, tea, potatoes, and more, and heading to two trailer parks off Airline and Victoria. When they got there they parked, and started giving stuff away right off the truck. Operation Blessing just recently started sending us more Latino products which were great for reaching out to the growing number of Hispanics in the Nelson trailer park. They went crazy for the Tamarind soda! We also met Kevin, a once homeless Vet who's trying to piece his life back together. It was cool to share the love of Jesus with him.

Joseph Lee and Melvin Hardnett on the truck, sorting potatoes.

A cool story; Friday night another outreach took place, Midnight outreach. It is to the strip clubs and also to the streets of north Baton Rouge. One area of concentration on the Midnight outreach is to people in the sex industry working the streets in the area around the Dream Center. Last night the outreach team came in contact with a prostitute that we have reached out to for three years. Over that time we have watched her decline from a beautiful young girl to someone almost unrecognizable. The team prayed with her, told her about the love and mercy of Jesus, gave her a hygiene bag, some snacks and as always information about how she can get off the streets and leave that very hard life behind her. We gave her a flier with information about today's giveaway and told her about it. Cool things is,  she happened to be staying at one of the trailer parks where the HPC truck and trailer stopped and gave away stuff so she saw Jesus reaching to her, yet again, through love grace and free potatoes.

The "HOPE" hygiene bag, the flier for the giveaway and the brownies that we gave out on Midnight Outreach.


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