Free Brain Stuff Friday

I've become rather forgetful, I got lost around the LSU Lakes the other day and I used to live there. I also lost my phone, which I never do, it was in the van, that I had looked in four times. Is 43 to young to be getting Alzheimer's? Menopause? I'm going to the Va-jay-jay doctor on the 7th. Maybe he can tell me.

My new blog design reminds me of my dads house in the early 70's and actually, well into the 80's. He had a red room with shag carpet, and a gold crushed velveteen couch and chair. It was so pimp. It was the media room complete with Juke box, piano, drums, a bar and a big screen TV. Framed movie posters decorated the walls and Elvis painted in oil, ensconced in a huge gold leme' frame, hung above the fire place.

I've been calorie counting for a couple weeks. I'm using the iphone app called My fitness pal. The stupid thing doesn't work though, I've only lost 1pound but I put all my info in there to be able to lose a pound a week. It said I could only eat 1320 calories a day. I don't exercise (it takes that into consideration when figuring) but I do live an active lifestyle. Working at the Dream Center and having three kids, I don't sit much. I guess I shouldn't blame the app for having only lost one pound. It probably has something to do with the fact that I rarely stay under the 1320 calories a day.

Parenting is hard. There are some things that I just have no idea how to really handle correctly. I face issues with Abel that I know I should handle better then I do. But they are issues that really make me feel lost as a parent. They send me to my knees saying "Ok God, what the heck? Help me" I don't want to scream but I do, I read the books on how not to scream but they don't help really. I pray and yet I still wind up wigging out again eventually. My grandma was a wigger-outer. I hate it. I need an anti-witch with a capital B pill. God help me.

Who else is so totally pumped about the Glenn Beck, shameless-self promotion-dressed in military support-to disguise it's true purpose of gathering rednecks-and stirring even more division in the country-rally tomorrow?  Since I sadly cannot be there (I hope your feeling that sarcasm seeping from these words) I will instead read MLK's letters from a Birmingham jail again and also I will reflect on the fact that Sunday will be 5 years to the day since hurricane Katrina hit. I will link some of my post from right after it hit, when it got really bad around here. I think that will be a better use of my time then greasing the political wheels of the Republican machine. I wont rage against it, I'll TRY to ignore it.

Have a great weekend. Grace to all.


Anonymous said…
Your side bar with all your twitter is black and I can't see the words. What's with that?
Carole Turner said…
I can see them from my phone and computer.

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