D&C Dance Party Invite

Ok, so I finally got my wonderfully husband to agree to a dance birthday party. ( Some friends on twitter helped too, thanks to all of you who "@"ed him :-)

It's going to be on Saturday the 14th at 7:00pm.

We will Dance, have Coca Cola products, Coffee and Cake, and that's all. If you think you will get hungry for more then cake while dancing to the likes of Marky Mark, KC and the Sunshine Band, Black Eyed Peas and Enrique, you may want to eat before you come.

Dean turns 38 on Sunday the 15th, I will be 43 on the 10th, (yes, I'm 5 years older then him) so this is to celebrate his birthday too, which means I am obligated to play a few hair band songs. :-0

Come dance, eat cake and celebrate with us.

Sorry, adults only, my house just isn't big enough for everyones kids too.

Email me at carolesturner@yahoo.com and let me know if your coming.


agardana said…
Nicole's in "Footloose" at the Manship next week and the 7:00 show Saturday is when we have our tickets. Hate to miss it but happy birthday!!!!

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