What's Your Poison?

Last week the always entertaining Steve Ware (aka @thewareabouts) asked the question on twitter, "which social media is your favorite, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, myspace?" Twitter and Facebook tied for first place, myspace got only one vote (probably from a 10 year old in a hick town) and blogs didn't do much better, scoring only two points. I was one of the points for blogs.

Are blogs really as irrelevant and passe' as Myspace? These two great social media pioneers, the online forums that kicked this sucker off are now a thing of the past? Twitter and Facebook are the cocky new punks who think they know more and do it better then the social media they once longed to be as cool as.

I get it with Myspace, it became the kiddie pool of online communities full of children, porn and pedophiles. But I just don't believe it about blogs. I guess I should say I don't believe it about some blogs. I do believe the weeding out has begun. Who has what it takes? Who has so much to say they can post every day? Who feels what they have to say absolutely must be heard but the masses (or 50 to 100 people a day in some cases) Who feels that this forum is their domain? Like they were born to blog?  Well, I can say "Me" to all those questions.

I think the trick is to call your blog your "website" now. "Carolesmithturner.com" sounds very web-site-e. Websites are still cool. And the other trick is to not worry about what blogs are closing up shop, do what you do baby...just do what you do.

So, I may not be Carlos Whittaker, Shaun Groves, Donald Miller, Anne Jackson, Ben Arment or Matthew Paul Turner, the kings (and queen) of blogs in my book, but I will not give in. I will stand firm in blog world, wait I mean "website" world (wink wink). Even if (when) only 5 people a day read my rantings, I shall continue...like the musicians playing as the Titanic sunk, I shall blog on.

The fool known for her many words must have an outlet.


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