The wardrobe and the white tree has fallen..

So this is what happened.

In May 2010 I received a notice that it was time to renew my domain name,

I went to my Google accounts and renewed it...or so I thought.

Then yesterday Summer text me telling me that she couldn't get to my blog, I tried, and it went to

SO I was up until 1am trying to fix it and all day today.

Bottom line, I didn't renew like I thought, OR somehow all record of the renewal is now gone from my google check out page.

Yes, it still shows that I own on my google apps, but Go daddy has no record of me ever owning it.

Worst yet is, someone else now owns It's a multi faith hodge-podge with something to do with inter-faith jewelry.

So, what to do?

Stay with like I have always had? But then there's the issue of how long that is, lots of typing...also there's the NEW wardrobe and the white tree out there, should I distance myself from the scammer?

Change it to like Dean suggested? That will be my books title...might be good for that when it comes out?

Change it to boring but short and easy to type...but kinda narcissistic I think...ugh!!

I am just sad. I have been blogging since 7/2005 at This is me, the title represents so much, I am truly grieving the loss of it's specialness, it's uniqueness. It's ME.

But it may just be time to move on.

For now you can visit me here at

I have no idea what the next step is...


Chantelle said…
Phew! I was totally weirded out when I landed over there (from the link I have of you on my blog) and saw all this stuff promoting WICCA!! Glad to find you again!
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry that happened. How frustrating. Okay, here are my thoughts on your site name: you likely have more than one book in you and you certainly have more than one art form in you, etc. So making your site might be good for now, but what happens when you are on book 3? I would do something more universal so maybe go ahead and purchase now so that you have it but keep doing blogspot for now since it so resonates wit you at this time. When it quit resonating, go to not because it's narcissistic but because it is the home of your thoughts, your ideas, your art, your creativity, your story.

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