Tomorrow is My Five Year Blog-iversary

I started blogging five years ago tomorrow. Dan Ohlerking got me started, (he has since abandoned his blog, the Godfather deserted us, just kidding, he's killin it on Tumblr, Facebook and the HPC online campus :-) Dan knew I needed an outlet for my many words :-)

My first blog post ever was titled "The Question of Alcohol", fitting huh? I think I've come a long way in my writing skills since that post..and maybe my tactfulness in handling controversial issues? Maybe not.

This blog has been about fun, music, dancing, art, books, movies, adoption, serving, family, the poor, prostitutes, strippers, other peoples amazing stories, politics, religion, and much more. I love starting conversations, making people think, challenging what people say they believe with hard questions and observations. I also love making people laugh, sing, dance and I pray they see the love of Jesus in it all.

These FIRST five years have been so stinking fun!! But I have certainly shed tears over stuff that has gotten me into trouble and things I wrote that hurt people..I am the fool known for her many words.

But over all, wow, it's been a fun ride. A ride I plan to continue.

So tomorrow, I will have a guest post from my friend Karen, (she has 69 people who follow her blog, I have 31, she likes to rub that in :-) she's the best...

Let's celebrate!

Leave me a comment telling me the post you loved or hated the most, or let me know the one you remember the most, or maybe the one that made you, sing, dance, laugh, cry, or think "wow, she's gonna get in trouble for that one"...

Good times, good times.

Blog on!


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