Story10 ART Auction Winner

My beautiful sister Donna was the only person who bid on my "Tree in Africa" painting :-( so she won it for $101.00!

Thank you Donna for helping Dean and I get to Story 2010.

    I auctioned off the painting to help Dean and I raise money to go to Chicago in September for Story2010 for our 16th wedding anniversary. The estimated total cost of the trip for us together would be $1500, so that is what we need to somehow earn this month (need to purchase tickets, hotel, flights, sooner then later) The challenge is, we just don't have money for trips, we live on a very tight budget, so we have to work extra to be able to do stuff like this. And we are willing to do that...

    You can still hire me to paint some furniture for you.

    Below is my slide show portfolio of work I've done. I usually charge about $100 per piece minimal and it may cost more if it's more work then normal. If you would like a quote, e-mail me a picture of what you want painted to,

    Many of you know that I'm not a conference fan, but Story is different. It's for creative people, writers, movie makers, musicians, anyone working to tell the greatest story ever told. This year I'm really excited that the president of The Mentoring Project will be one of the speakers. Dean and I both believe that mentoring is key to seeing real change in the fatherless generation that is growing up in the inner city.

    So we think this trip will further equip us to do our work in the inner city, it will empower me as a writer, singer and artist, and it will also give us a much needed break and time away for just the two of us.


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