Jesus for President

I love these quotes from Shane Claiborne's book, "Jesus for President".

"Every culture has particular ways of do Christians eat? Christians eat with poor folks, with the outcast, the marginalized, and the excluded-all who were never invited to anyone else's party. Ours is a different kind of party. It's more like a divine banquet than another political program. Society's misfits are our people our "constituency". (Luke 14) (But this does not describe most American Christians. When people on the streets of America are asked to describe a Christian they say, homophobic, judgemental, Republicans. See anything wrong with this?)

"..the danger is that we can begin to read the Bible through the eyes of America rather than read America through the eyes of the Bible. We just want Jesus to be a good American."


BrianD said…
Shane Claiborne said it well.

God help us all to be more like Him than ourselves...

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