We just returned from vacation. We went to see my family in Okeechobee Florida. My mom and Gary are part owners of an apartment complex there and they had an empty apartment that they use for the office, so we had our own apartment to stay in. We did Karaoke 3 out of 5 nights, we danced, sat by the pool, cooked, played board games, talked, and just had a relaxing, fun time.

But after only a couple days I was ready to be home.

Baton Rouge is home.

I was raised in Okeechobee but I remember as I was growing up always feeling it was a place to escape from, not a place to stay. I know it's not that way for everyone, God has people there of course, for a reason. It's a lovely little town with great people and my family loves their lives there, but it was such a black hole to me.

When I return even for a few days I feel that darkness trying to once again swallow me.

Everyone has their black hole, a place that we once had to stay for a while on this journey but also a place we were not made for.

Some of us do stay there in the black hole and we let the darkness hold us tightly as we grope around in the pitch black trying to navigate life. But sometime, we reach up and grab the hand that is waiting for us to just look up and take a hold of it so He can pull us out.

And He does.

Heaven is our home ultimately, but even here, in this life, on this journey, we have a place, a purpose and living in that gives us a glimpse of the peace, the hope and the love that will encompass us in Heaven. Being where we are truly supposed to be here, is home.

Knowing where I belong is such a comforting feeling. Peace.


Natalie said…
I am SO GLAD your home is HERE!!!

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