Good Hair

We watched this documentary, Good Hair, the other night. It's funny, informative yet kinda sad. You should watch it.

Beware, there is some language, adult talk and the side of a breast is shown in a modeling show.

We have been told since Steele was a baby that he has "good hair", black women in grocery stores will tell me how good his hair is while touching his head. I even had a hair dresser insist to me that there was no way that Steele was half black because his hair was so silky smooth. But he is half black.

We have had people tell us that we should cut Abel's hair, they don't like that it looks so "ethnic", such an Afro makes some people uncomfortable. But he likes it and we like it so we aren't gonna unlike me huh?

Bottom line for us is, natural is good.  I think Abel's fro is beautiful, Steele's Latino looking hair is beautiful and Evangeline's completely white girl hair is beautiful.

If we ever adopt a black girl, I pray she doesn't beg me for a perm or a weave...but if she does I will show her this movie and tell her that she already has good hair.


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