Fun With a Paper Cutter

Friday at noon I was in Pastor Reverend Boutte's office at the Dream Center, talking to first lady Hope while cutting stacks of fliers for the upcoming block party. I was excited about leaving for family vacation in Florida withing the hour.

BUT unfortunately, while slamming the blade lever down hard and fast on a thick stack of fliers, I didn't realize that my left index finger was also under the blade!

Needless to say I freaked! First thing I said when I saw it was, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" and then I looked at Hope and said,"dont look!" because she cant handle blood. Then I got nauseated and wanted to fait cuz, dang, it was bad. Terry Franks was there, he's a former military combat medic, him and pastor Craig wrapped it up, Terry told me how to hold it and then Hope took me to the ER.

Ofcourse the ER took forever, about 3 hours. I got a tetnus shot, and some shots to numb my finger so they could stitch it and that hurt WAY worse then the actual cut, then they put 7 stitches in my finger.

We were planing to leave for vacation by 2pm but didn't get to leave until 5pm.

My first thought was "stupid!! your gonna mess up your vacation!!" and my second thought was pure vanity "my beautiful hands!! My finger nail will never look the same!"

Three stitches went right through the nail, and they had to cut off one corner of the nail where the blade had cut through. So yea, so long pretty fingers :-(

BUT right now,  It does look kinda rock and roll, like a rock band should use it for their album cover.

I will post pics from my vacation on here if I can but the internet service here is terrible so they may have to wait till I get back.

I will be able to post on Twitter from my phone while I'm here.


Chris Nick Joy said…
Your finger is now prettier than ever mom!
Unknown said…
Ouch, ouch. Thankfully, it wasn't much worse. I've used those lethal cutters. The blade looks like a machete.

Glad that you're having fun on your vacation!
Chantelle said…
I agree about the rock album cover! ;)

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