BP Oil Spill

I don't get how our state and federal government can continue to let BP take care of the containment and clean up of the oil spill when it's obvious, by the THOUSANDS of gallons of oil still being spilled into the gulf, that they are not getting the job done.


Yes, I know about liability, yada, yada, yada, But give me a break, government has always found a way to do what they want when they want..except in the case of big oil companies, yea, we get it.

Here are a couple sites that are still covering the Oil Spill,

We all heard how Bush's handling of Katrina was so awful, I lived through it, I know it was indeed a disaster handling a disaster. Well President Obama, welcome to Bushes world! You are crapping this one up big time.

Grow some quick Mr. President.

A little less talk and a lot more action!

This video was from right after Obama's speech last month, nothing has really changed in the 20 days since the speech, another day, another 10,000 or so gallons of oil spilling into the gulf.

I love what Jon Stewart says here, all of it is dead on the money how I feel...


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