Blogging For Idea Camp

The Idea Camp is a collaborative movement of idea-makers who facilitate hybrid conferences and develop resources for people who desire to move ideas toward implementation. Facilitated by a growing collective of innovative thinkers and practitioners from numerous disciplines, participants gather around topics of interest to encourage and inspire one another, share practical wisdom from the field, and develop intentional networks for idea-making.

For the weeks leading up to the conference this year in Las Vegas, the Idea Camp site will host articles on different sex related topics.

Topics and Schedule;

1. Porn - Week beginning Sunday, July 11
2. Sexual Abuse - Week beginning Sunday, July 25
3. Gender - Week beginning Sunday, August 8
4. Orientation - Week beginning Sunday, August 22
5. Slavery - Week beginning Sunday, September 5
6. Family - Week beginning Sunday, September 19

I will be contributing articles for Porn, Sexual Abuse and Slavery week.

Today my post "Unrealistic Expectations" is up on Idea Camp for Porn week, click HERE to check it out.


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