Stay at Home Christian Mom?

Go read Matthew Paul Turners blog, you need to read the entire post, it's a response to something John Piper said. I really like John Piper so when I hear stuff like this, honestly I just chalk it up to his age. I know that sounds shallow but it's true. I just figure he's saying and teaching what he has always known to be true on this subject and I disagree but still like what he has to say about other things...

This is part of Matthew Paul Turner's response...

In all seriousness, what does the “biblical family” look like? I get so tired of hearing Christians talk about this so-called “biblical family model”! If we’re all honest with ourselves, we’d admit that not once is God’s ideal family “modeled” in the Bible. Sure, we can embrace good biblical principles of love, hope, truth, peace, (six wives!), understanding, grace etc when engaging family life. But this pretty picture of the “biblical family” that so many churches boast about-you know, the one that usually has a hardworking godly father who provides for a godly stay-at-home working mother who’s raising four to six children–ISN’T BIBLICAL! It’s American. And before it was American, it was European. And it’s pretty. But it’s not biblical.

From what “biblical family” do we see this model?

Do we find it in the story of Abraham and Sarah with cute little Isaac. Oh, and Hagar with cute little Ishmael.

Do we find it in the story of Isaac and Rebekah with little masculine Esau and hairless Jacob? This might be close to how we picture the “perfect family” unit. Of course, we have to leave out the part about Isaac loving Esau more than he loved Jacob and Rebekah loving Jacob more than she loved Esau. (Because that’s not very Christ-like!)

Do we find it in the story of Jacob who married sisters Leah (the ugly one) and Rachel (the hot one)? Sounds like the perfect Oprah episode.

Do we find it in the story of sweet Hannah and her bigamist husband Elkanah?

Do we find it in the story of King David? The Bible mentions him having 7 or 8 wives, but it’s believed that he had more?

King Solomon? Elijah? Hosea and his whore?

One could say that Mary and Joseph come close to displaying the American family, well, except for that whole “Jesus storyline.”

The Apostle Paul offered a lot of advice to families, but that advice didn’t come from experience.

My point is this: An ideal “biblical family” isn’t presented within scripture. Most of the families that scripture mentions weren’t even nuclear. The “ideal American family”-the one that we Christians sometimes call “biblical”-is far more cultural than it is biblical.

The question originally asked to Piper inquired whether or not it was biblically acceptable for a woman to work outside of the home?

Piper said it “can be” biblically acceptable. But then he went on to discourage it. Why? If it’s not biblically wrong then why “discourage” it?

I’m all for moms or dads staying home full-time! If that’s what works in your situation, then I think it’s great. But in today’s culture, it’s not realist for many. But because pastors and teachers with amazing influence like Piper “discourage it,” a lot of moms (and sometimes dads) working outside the home feel a lot of unnecessary guilt.

And in today’s culture, the last thing parents need is more guilt.

My response to what John Piper said is that when I read proverbs 31, the chapter that I've always been told we Christian women are supposed to model ourselves after, I see a totally different woman then the stay at home subservient women MOST of the church world teaches. Other then a few verses in the New Testament, Proverbs 31 is all we have that describes the perfect woman, what we are to strive for practically. Read it sometimes, it's good stuff, that chick bought, sold, did business with merchants and maintained a house, and her husband was respected at the gates and her kids called her blessed...I'd say that's pretty accurate.


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