Instant Gratification Red Lizard

I was vacuuming Friday night and the thought entered my mind, "when are you gonna work on your book? You haven't written anything on it in months" I actually have this thought daily.

I answered myself, "well I've been blogging and some post have been published by Burnside Writers, so that's a big deal. I'm writing even if I'm not writing on my book."

With that I appeased the voice for a while.

Later that same night I arrived at a late night outreach that Dean and I were leading with Donna Frank.

Donna and I started talking about her book. It's at the publisher right now going through edits. This is her second book.

I made my excuse to her, "..but I've been blogging a lot and some of it has been pretty good."

Donna promptly replied, "Well, yea, blogging is instant gratification, sitting down and writing your book isn't, it's work and very delayed gratification."

When she said that, I felt like the sentence itself smacked me in the back of the head, made my head jerk and my eyes bug out.

THAT my friend, is called conviction. A personally delivered word from God spoken by someone who had no idea that their words were gonna kick you in the a good way.

See, truth hurts, it will set you free but sometimes removing a red lizard that has it's claws dug into your neck, can be painful, freeing, but painful. That's what truth does to us, it yanks that red lizard off and stomps it on the ground and that lizard turns into a beautiful stallion that you ride off on. (Read THIS, it's an excerpt from The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis if you want to understand the red lizard thing) whether it's addiction, fear, laziness, whatever binds us and keeps us from our calling, truth can set us free from it.

SO, at that moment, I knew she had hit the nail on the head and I also knew I had to make some changes.

I'm over committed with my time, I'm addicted to Words with Friends on the iPhone, I think of anything to write other then my book, I'm addicted to keeping my stats up here on my blog, I'm an affirmation junkie who is afraid to hunker down and finish my book for fear it will take away from this instant gratification.

When I finish my book, I'm gonna take that red lizard and make some cowboy boots out of him. Those boots will be my stallion.


Natalie said…
This was good. Now start writing YOUR BOOK, not A BLOG POST>

Those boots are going to be HOT

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