In Dreams

..I go to the English country side with Dean. We stay in a bed and breakfast, we go to the Kilns, where C.S. Lewis lived and I get to tear up walking around the house where my hero lived and worked.

Then we go to the Bird and Baby pub (AKA The Eagle and Child) where we order a Pint, I try it, but dark brown beer is not my forte so I just hold it, thinking about the fact that CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien sat here, drinking pints with the Inklings, reading to each other what they had written. I imagine Tolkien reading section of Lord of the Rings.

Then we go to Oxford and Cambridge to visit the places where they taught and we go on a walking tour of the English country side. We drink lots of tea and eat biscuits. We don't watch any TV.

Heather Whittaker and her husband Carlos just went to England on a vacation for their 10th anniversary. I looked at her pictures from her trip and I teared up.

I hope and pray one day I get to actually go and instead of pictures posted here that I uploaded from online sources, I will be able to post pictures here that I actually took.

There are few places in the world that I really want to go to before I die, few things I imagine would be so refreshing and relaxing, for now I go there in dreams...


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