Funky town, last Sunday..

Here are a few pictures from the worship service last Sunday at the Dream Center. I sang my first lead on a song and it went great. I was told by one man, "you sound like and old fashion blues singer" that to me was probably one of the greatest compliments someone could give!

We were minus Jordan, our fearless leader, and our guitar player was out and Kim, our lead Soprano, but it still went amazing!

I pray that I never take for granted what I get to do! I am so blessed..

shot of the stage, the house was full, I think there was like 20 first time visitors.

Big A joined us to rap on the first song, Glorious. Some friends were visiting from the main campus and they loved the fact that we had a rap solo in a worship song! Funny thing is, that was not planned the first time it happened. One Sunday at the end of service we were doing Glorious as people were leaving and Big A came up to the stage, grabbed a mic, and started rapping. It's been a part of that song ever since. We even have other songs he does that on now. (Note the tambourine in my hand, yes, I am that lady!)

Me singing. I love having a Mic's a must when you play tambourine :-)

Melvin dancing, cuz that's what we do at the Dirty DC!

It was a great day.


JOSHUA 1:9 said…
Anderson Crew said…
look at those heels you are rocking!! I would fall on my face! :) Glad it all went well!
Anonymous said…
I'm dig'n those heels. Is the girl next to you barefooted? Too cool.

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