What You Can do to Help Orphans

My last blog post certainly got people thinking and talking and that is great. If we all daily ask ourselves, am I doing enough to help Orphans? Then that's a good thing. Yes, every Christian should ask that question. No, I don't believe every Christian is called to adopt but I do believe that God has called the %6 that it would take to adopt all adoptable orphans in the world. And I do believe we can and must care for the children who are orphaned but for whatever reason can't be adopted.

So here are some ideas,

Sponsor a family or child through Compassion International or World Vision. I have read countless accounts of families being able to eat, not starve to death, parents not starve to death, simply because they were sponsored. The kids get to go to school, eat, grow up with their family and be a force for good in their world instead of mom and/or dad dying from starvation and leaving the children orphans. This is real. this is true. I am not exgerating. You could sponsor a family for a little each month and stop another child from becoming an orphan. Very doable.

Send monthly support to an orphan and vulnerable children Care Points like the ones ran by Children's Cup. These care points in places like Swaziland (which has one of the highest populations, per capita, of orphans due to AIDS) and Mozambique Africa, provide daily food, education, medical care and bible studies to children. Most of these kids are orphans or they are in danger of becoming orphans from poverty. When the parents come and eat, get medical care, education from the Care Points, they are staying alive for their kids. Again, this is a very doable way to be an active part of helping kids who are currently orphaned and need to eat, get medical care, and education, but also it's an easy way to help kids and families that are vulnerable to death and then the children becoming orphans.

Children's Hope Chest is the organization started by one of my hero's ( TWO of the books he's authored, Scared and Red Letters, are on my top 20 books list)  Tom Davis. It is amazing! They are in Uganda, Russia, Ethiopia, Swaziland. They have built nice orphanages for orphans that are not available for adoption to get an education, medical care, food and bible classes. They are fighting Human trafficking in Russia and Africa and have mentoring and sponsorship programs for young mothers who were orphans themselves and now are trying to raise children.

Organizations like Mocha Club which build schools, care centers, medical facilities in countries like Ethiopia specifically to care for orphans.They have monthly sponsorship for as little as $7 a month.

Saints Coffee. Probably my favorite anti poverty company, mainly because I'm a coffee freak, but also because this is Fair Trade coffee, the profit goes straight to the farmers and growers of the coffee, and a percentage goes to help feed orphans in the area where the coffee is grown. And let me tell you, the Ethiopian Sidamo coffee is THE BEST!! Order some, I promise you, you'll thank me.

A Home in Haiti this organization was started by my Twitter friend, Shaun King after the Earthquake hit Haiti. It's a tent drive then a permanent structure building project. (they have already sent $1 million in tents to Haiti!) This helps kids stay with families, together, in a tent of their own. If kids are having to sell themselves or wonder the street looking for shelter away from family they are more vulnerable to abduction and being separated from family permanently. And if parents aren't off having to do things that could end their lives to find shelter, then it's less likely that a child will become orphaned. Do you see the connection? Bottom line is if families can stay together in a tent rather then out on the streets with no covering, then less orphans are created by death of parents due to crime, illness, etc.

And Project Hopeful. I Love this organization. I love the lady that started it, Carolyn Twietmeyer, she's a fireball! Their entire goal is to see children with HIV come into families. They are helping the truly, deeply, least of these. In many cultures, if a child has HIV, even care givers wont touch the child. They are left unloved in cribs, or touched minimally and with much percautions. These children need families. Many lost their families to this disease and are then left living as out cast in their societies. By sending your support to Project Hopeful, you are getting an HIV+ child one step closer to a home. Project Hopeful is currently breaking ground for housing in Ethiopia, where children with HIV will live while in the process of being adopted. It's a great, great cause and one that helps orphans.

Also the ridiculous cost of adoption is offset by organizations like The Abba Fund, Life Song for Orphans and locally HPC's His Heart for Orphans offers a grant to qualifying HPC families. Donating money to any of these funds helps people who are trying to give an orphan a home but find the cost insurmountable.

There are MANY more organizations, great, orphan loving, organizations that are truly making a difference but I can't list them all. Do research, find some that you feel good about sending money too and then make the commitment. I can't tell you how much God has blessed us since we started doing this.We can't out give him, period. Ask anyone who gives if they regret it, if it made their life better or worse, they will tell you way better.

This problem is too big for a few of us, but it's not to big for a bunch of us. Lets be that bunch.


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