What I Believe about Homosexuality

After my blog post on gay adoption, I was asked some questions, I felt I would go ahead and answer them here.

I believe that God made us male and female. Scripture starts with Adam and Eve and throughout scripture we see this as a set standard and pattern.

I believe that ideally, all children should have a mom and a dad. I was raised without a father and I know the void that creates. I think that is why God made it a balance of man and woman, to show all aspects of His love, grace, justice, mercy, to children, through the parents.

I believe that any sex outside of marriage is a sin and that marriage is between a man and a woman, again, as outlined in scripture and throughout the history of man kind.

Yes I believe that homosexuality is a sin but I also believe greed, lust, hatred, jealousy, etc, are sins that many of us LIVE and die in everyday. Forgiveness for all is found in Christ.

I don't condone the gay life style just because I believe an orphan would be better off adopted by a gay couple then left unloved in an orphanage. Just because someone is gay, doesn't mean they can't love a child.

I also don't condemn gay people, God is judge of us all, not me. My job is to love all people even if they don't live the way I believe is right. I love gay people and want them to walk in the freedom God has for them.

I will not preach at a gay person about their life style. I will pray for them, be their friend, show them Jesus and walk in grace and mercy toward them as much as I can.

I believe that every person concerned about the Gay agenda, I wont discount your concern but I will say, Christians, you could virtually remove "Gay adoption" from that agenda, if only %6 of all Christians adopted, THERE WOULD BE NO MORE ADOPTABLE ORPHANS for gay people to even adopt. It is that simple.

Be the standard, have a great marriage, sponsor a family, adopt, mentor foster kids, build a school, fund an adoption grant, etc. Then when standing before the legislator, Christian's can say "hey, we got this covered, we are taking care of all the orphans, there is no need for gay adoption". And then they could be respected for being of both word and deed as Jesus says for us to be over and over again in scripture.

The point I was trying to make in my gay adoption post is that Christian political groups need to be EQUAL about what they are "for" as well as what they are "against" but over the last 25 years I have not seen that to be the case.

Famous conservative columnist Cal Thomas said "people are tired of hearing about what we are against, they want to see what we are for". Amen Cal. Amen.


Anonymous said…
I think this is well said. My husband and I support an amazing ministry called Exodus International (based in Orlando) that ministers to homosexuals who want healing. The ministry also equips churches to minister to people struggling with homosexuality (and their families). Initially, I would not read your blog about gay adoption because I don't believe any child should be in the home with someone affected with gender identity issues. However, I decided to read this blog and I'm glad I did. You are right that as christians we should speak with our actions and not just our words.
Karen said…
Beautifully spoken. I agree with you. I cannot add to it.
Anonymous said…
Well said Carole. I agree a gay lifestyle is a sinful lifestyle. However so is cheating on your taxes, being obese, lying, not sharing, cutting someone of in traffic, etc. The entire argument of "gays shouldn't adopt becuase they'll raise a child in sin" is crap because non gay heterosexual couples adopt and sin in front of their children everyday. According to God, bein gay is no worse or better than mistating your income on your 1040 or robbing a bank for that matter. And the second argument of "gay people will raise gay kids" doesn't hold much water when you consider all the heterosexuals that raise gay kids! I'm pretty sure more gay adults come from straight parents then gay parents!

And you're right. If the church doesn't step up and do God's work, shame on us for condemning those who do.

Chantelle said…
Hello again. I'm sure you've probably heard this approach from Ezekiel - but it lit my fire so I had to share it with ya since it went along the same lines as our previous discussion here. http://this-little-life-of-mine.blogspot.com/2010/05/selective-moral-outrage.html

God bless!

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