Wednesday Night Web Cam


Anonymous said…
Peace sign. First two fingers in a V. Love, A child of the 60's(mom)
daphne said…
try this Carol. Prop up some pillows or something in your bed, sit criss cross mac apple sauce, and lean back with lap top in your lap (novel idea!!). Adjust screen to video pointing at your face which will now have everything that WAS falling fwd, falling back. Instant face lift!! You are welcome.

Also, I have hated Lost since season 3. I thank Jesus my Savior that the show will be put out of it's misery soon even if it ends as crappy as the last 3 seasons have been. Amen.

I dont watch Idol but why you hatin on somebody's hair & why you dont know how to do a peace sign?!?
Chantelle said…
I liked Big Mike. :( Oh well. Agree about Casey. Geesh. With all those curling-iron ringlets in his hair. Either he should get a hair cut or wear a skirt. ;)
chase said…
This made me laugh so hard! Your hilarious ms. carole!
Unknown said…
Carole, your webcam video is so funny. I am laughing out loud too. Love it!

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