Tuck or Don't Tuck but Don't Front Tuck

In honor of all the horrid front tucking that will occur this morning at churches everywhere, I beg you reconsider...

"hey, I just got out of the bathroom and was in a hurry to call you so I could only tuck in the front of my shirt...yea, I am that cool."

" What? Yea, you can barrow my Eagle belt. Rock on Dude."

"Like for sure! You can SO barrow my purse, sandals and my sunglasses on a string."

This last picture is the Uber Hip Worship leader and blogger, Carlos Whittaker or better know here as Ragamuffin Soul. His exact words when I expressed my distaste for the front tuck were, "yea, the front tuck is so 2005".

Tuck or don't tuck but don't front tuck!


Chantelle said…
STILL laughing, even as I attempt to type!!! LOVE your sense of humor!
No!!! LOL! I'm a front tucker:-)

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