Tattoo talk..and Iron Man 2 Review

Watch the video first then read this..

I already have a heart with Dean's name in it on my upper back-right shoulder area. I thought about getting stuff around it that represents each child.

I drew this after I made the video, the sun is Evangeline because we used to call her "sunshine", the Ethiopian flag for Abel obviously and the symbol for Steele, that's the real symbol for the alloy Steel and what the Steelers use for their team emblem. (and since he's named after the Steelers, this is seriously appropriate :-)

So what do you think?


daphne said…
image can not be seen on my mac. I have several comments.
1. what is the A word? Ass?
2. if you think your arm is fat, do not get ink there if every time you show it to someone you comment on your 'fat arm'. That is not cute.
3. if you do not know what you want, do NOT get a tattoo. It is fine to ask for opinions but you need to KNOW. I regret the ones I did not put mucho thought & time into.
4. I have a cross with sun setish in the background. I still love that one but it has stretch marks from pregnancies. Still I love it.
Anonymous said…
Carole Sue, Carole Sue, what am I going to do with you. The Tattoo on the arm is very butch. It would look way better on your leg or back, but not the arm pleeeease.
You know how much I love y'all mutilating your bodies. Please not on the arm! Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Oh, and I can't see the picture either. Try again. Love MOM

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