"Shine" Mentoring Program at the BRDC

I'm excited about this new program, Shine, starting at the Dream Center to reach out and mentor At-risk girls.

This is from my friend Natalie Laborde, she is the Anti-Human Trafficking Outreach Coordinator for Healing Place Church.

I wanted to let you know about an exciting new outreach that we are launching in early June. We are going to be doing a weekly mentoring class with A girl’s Foster Care group home located on Government Street.

The class will be once a week at the Dream Center. It’s tentatively scheduled for Wednesdays from about 3-4:30 pm. We are going to use the “Shine” curriculum developed by the City Care branch of Hillsong located in Sydney, Australia.

The “Shine” program is a pre-planned weekly group class that teaches the girls how to develop core values and life goals, a strong sense of identity, independence, self-respect, and how to make healthy and positive life choices. Overall, the “Shine” program aims to help young women develop an understanding of their own personal worth, strength and purpose and realize the potential within. Each week is focused on a different topic.

I have the Shine program facilitator handbook as well as the training DVD for the program.

Ladies, if you are interested in helping to facilitate the class class please let me know. I want to lock in 3 to 5 committed co-leaders so that people can rotate if need be as I do realize it is summer and people have multiple commitments.

In terms of how this relates to Anti-human Trafficking, this mentoring class is one way that we can connect with the at risk girls in our community and help to prevent them from entering into exploitative situations after aging out of the Foster care system.

If you are interested, please contact me at natalie.laborde@healingplacechurch.org so we can talk more about this.

For more info on “Shine” see http://myhillsong.com/shinegirl

Thanks again and have a great week!



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