Me Myself and I

So I've been throwing a "me" party lately.
I felt wounded.
I felt judged.
I felt boxed in,
I was sad,
I wondered if I had what it takes to do what I do.
I felt my thin skin stretching.

So I began to whine.
I sulked.
I told myself all the reason I was right and how wronged by others I had been.
I consoled my poor pitiful self.
For several days.

Then I heard "wah, wah, wah, shut the heck up!"

And the light came on, the roaches started running and I wanted to vomit at the yucky Me Monster I had been.

Me wants to kill who I am supposed to be. Me is now gonna Shut the heck up!


Chantelle said…
He's TERRIFIC! Gotta you-tube him for other stuff! loved it. (oh and I completely relate to your Me Monster. Mine rages about.. oh.. daily.) :-/
Anonymous said…
I laughed out loud. This is hillarious! I think we all have the ME Monster on us at times. We just have to check ourselves and count how many times we say I in a day and say Whoa! It isn't all about me. The world does not revolve around ME. 3 I's and 3 Me's so far today and it is just 8:00 am. Love MOM
daphne said…
are you still mad at my double cheeseburger? I said sorry!! ; )
Carole Turner said…
Give Much Mom, Yea, I laugh every time I watch this, and I've watched it a lot.

Mom, great advice as always. Miss you a LOT :-)

Daphne, some things are forgivable, that Double Cheeseburger aint one of them. My clothes still smell like McDonalds! ;-)

Call me, I don't have your number in my new phone.
daphne said…
Big girl panties, carole. Put them on and get over it. Glad you got my number.

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